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Virtual Consultations


We want to provide you with the best care for you at all stages of the treatment process. Bay Area Aesthetics has chosen the Medici Virtual Platform to provide patients 24 hour access from the comfort and safety of wherever they are.


  • All NEW patients are required to complete the virtual experience before arrival. 

  • All existing patients will download this APP at checkout and use for all follow up questions. 


1. Download the Medici Patient app for iOS or Android. —


2. Complete your information to register in the app. 


3. Once you are in the app, go to the section titled 

  • Connect with your doctor

  • Select Add an activation code

  • Enter BAA 

  • Just FYI: We will see that you are in the portal. We will respond in between patients or when time allows. You do not have to call, text or message us to let us know. 


You are all ready to go! 


If you need help with the Medici app, visit:

  • All New Patients are required to have this done prior to your visit. 

  • If you have any medical changes or medication changes please let us know and we can update your records. 

  • If you have any questions pre or post treatment you will need to have this app downloaded and you can reach any of us directly.

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