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August 2022 Specials!

August Specials!

Bay Area Exclusive Total Tox! 🧡 Jeuveau Only Toxin Lift for Upper OR Lower Face! Upper Face: Glabella, Forehead, Crows Feet & Lip Flip Lower Face: Jawline & Neck Lift All Rewards included in price ask us about the additional areas you can treat with Total Tox Extreme Savings All for Only $500

Lipstick Line Eraser💋 Dermal Filler Lipsmart All for Only $600 ($250+ Savings)

Magic Eraser for the Eyes 💖 Dermal Filler Tox Colorescience Total Eye 3in All for Only: $650

Summer Skin Recovery Packages:

Summer Recovery #1 💦 Dermaplane Diamond Glow HA5 All for Only: $225

Summer Recovery #2 💦 Skintrinsiq Antioxidant treatment Radiance peel Dermaplane Obagi wash Luxe moisturizer All for Only: $300 (Huge Savings)

Summer Recovery #3 💦 Skinpen - Microneedling Exosomes infused with SkinTrinsiq Dermaplane Exosomes mask HA5 moisturizer All for Only: $650

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