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January 2024 Specials!

Shaved Ice Treatment • Only $299 (Savings of $199) Call for Details

Fire & Ice Treatment • Only $899 (Savings of $300) Call for Details

Plated Push Calm • Only $549 ($249 Savings) Call for Details

Plated Push Daily • Only $499 ($200 Savings) Call for Details

Body Transformation • Only $2999

Weightloss • Tirzepatide 

6 treatments of Body Contouring

Extreme Savings of $2199

Call for more Details 


Lip Perfection • Only $499

Total Tox™️ or Total PepTox™️ Treatment • All for Only $499

Jeuveau or Daxxify Only Toxin Lift for Upper OR Lower Face! 

Upper Face: Glabella, Forehead, Crows Feet & Lip Flip 

Lower Face: Jawline & Neck Lift 

All Rewards included in price 

Extreme Savings!

Ask us about all of  the additional areas you can treat with Total Tox JawTox, TrapTox, SweatTox and CalmTox 

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