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September 2022 Specials

Bay Area Exclusive Total Tox! 🧡

Jeuveau Only Toxin Lift for Upper OR Lower Face!

Upper Face: Glabella, Forehead, Crows Feet & Lip Flip

Lower Face: Jawline & Neck Lift

All Rewards included in price

Extreme Savings

All for Only $500

Ask us about all the additional areas you can treat with Tox

Perfect Selfie Skin: 🤳




Exosomes Mask

All for Only $500 (Huge Savings)

FaceTime Package:📱

HA5 DiamondGlow


HA5 Serum

All for Only $400 ($129 Savings)

Plus use Alle rewards for more savings!

SnapChat that Glow: 📸



Finishing Touch Facial

All for Only $350

SCREENshot Protection📱

Colorescience Flex SPF50

Colorescience Sunbrush SPF50

Colorescience Total Eye SPF30

Colorescience Color Balm Stick

Colorescience Lip Shine

All for Only $175 ($75 Savings + earn rewards and use rewards)

Swipe Right! 💥

Emsella • “Kegel Throne”

Boom Boom Chair

6 treatments

All for Only $600 (HugeSavings!)

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